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Sickle What (Revised Paperback Edition)

Also available in e-book format!

E-book for Kindle, Smartphones & Tablets (comes in both EPUB and MOBI formats):

Pair this valuable hand-illustrated book on the basics of sickle cell disease with your newborn screening program, to provide families with trusted information when their new baby is diagnosed with the SCD blood disorder.

A perfect beginning to anyone's first education about sickle cell disease (SCD), this book lays the foundation for basic knowledge about SCD, what it is, how it works and most importantly how to handle the news of a new sickle cell diagnosis. ALSO AVAILABLE IN AN E-BOOK EDITION! Sickle What? is an educational book written in simple language with helpful illustrations to explain complex medical concepts and terminology. Sickle What? arms patients and parents of newly diagnosed children with the knowledge they need to understand and manage sickle cell disease (SCD). Information about what SCD is and how a person gets it is broken down into easy-to-understand terms to help parents better understand and be able to explain SCD to a child - empowering the child to understand what is actually happening inside their body. Sickle What? shows readers how to read and understand a lab report, what action steps to take when pain occurs and the importance of asking questions and communicating openly with doctors.

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  • Page Count: Format: NEW Softcover format
  • Publisher: Hilton Publishing: Hilton Bookstore
  • ISBN: 9780977316014